Wednesday, April 25, 2012


It has been entireley too long since the last post, I know.  We have been so busy so here is a little update.  I started my own practice.  It is going very well and I am enjoying being self employed.  We have traveled quite a bit and we have passed on the travel bug to Emma.

The BIGGEST news is that Charlene is pregnant with TWINS!!  We are very excited.  They are both girls and we have picked names.  They will be (in short) Kate and Grayson.  We could not be happier.  Emma frequently comes up to Char's tummy and yells, "Wake up babies!!"  She is so cute.

Friday, March 19, 2010

snow and girl scout cookies

So below are some various update pictures... I am putting solid bamboo floors down in our house and the first picture shows Emma helping me...or maybe about to attack me with the shop vac hose.

This picture is of Emma's first and last girl scout thin mint cookie. She loved it as you can see but because she doesn't eat sweets or chocolate she was like a child on speed for the next couple of hrs.

This was Emma walking down the block to the Mardi Gras Parade. We went to a friends house for their annual kid friendly Mardi Gras party and then we all caravan down to the parade. She loved it. She loved putting the beads on and when the floats came by with all of their music blasting she would dance dance dance.

Eating at the party.

Our snow. I know many of you have seen much more snow but I think this is the most I have ever seen in my life. Sad I know. Then because it is tax season and I am a CPA I still had to go to work the next day and miss Emma playing in her first snow. Needless to say Char was texting me a new photo every five minutes. Thank goodness for technology.

So that kinda wraps it up for now. I am plowing through tax season and trying to get these floors done before Char and I die from disorganization. By the time I bought all the tools needed and now pay the chiropractor I could have paid some one to put down the floors and it would have been finished by now. Oh well. I really needed a project for the tax season.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009



Well this morning I measured and it has been a week and a couple days since I measured. Great news bust is down two inches and around the belly button is down 2 inches. My arms and legs were down too but I am hesitent to count those because I wasn't sure I was measuring in the same spot so I am going to get better with those. But I was sure about the bust and belly. I know some people don't want to lose in the bust but that is so ok with me.

Yesterday was the first day of my 4th week of c25k. It kicked my butt. BUT I FINISHED IT!!! I always tell myself if I make it through just once I can do it again and again no matter what. So things are going well.

I was very glad about the measurements because I am starting week 4 and have not seen crazy high weight loss numbers 7 lbs since june 5th so I am glad I am making progress with measurements.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Progress and a new goal

On Friday June 5th I wieghed way waaayyy too much. A total of 236lbs. I started the Couch to 5 K that evening. I am proud to say I have stuck with it. It is now June 29th and Tomorrow I start my 4th week. I weighed 229 this am. I have lost 7 lbs in about 3 wks.

That amount would have been 2 lbs more but I seem to have an issue with weekends. When I am at work and my food is limited I do well but at home I seem to feel the need to "splurge".

I am however feeling great. I am walking/ jogging = wogging lol about 2 miles per session. Saturday was the last day of my 3rd week and I did all of the jogging circuits at 5 miles per hour and I felt great. I am nervous about this week because I go from two sets of (jog 90 sec walk 90 sec jog 3 min walk 3 mins) to 2 sets of ( jog 3 min walk 90 sec jog 5 min walk 2.5 min). It seems like a big leap to me. But so did week 2 to week 3. I feel like if I can just make it through once it is all down hill from there because the rest of the circuits and days I just keep telling myself


That is the best part is that I feel so awesome after my work out. pop is engaged!!! He finally met someone. I hope to meet her in mid August. (yeah it is crazy I have not met her but we live 5 hrs apart and there has been alot going on for them and us) but this brings me to my new goal.

I want to at least weigh 180 by November 21st. Why November 21st? That is their wedding date and I am so tired of being the pudge in all of the photos till I could scream. I will look alright at 180 I think and that is 50 lbs in 5 months so hopefully that is doable if I really work at it. That is not my ending goal but that is a good date and a good challenge.

So there it is. 180 by Nov 21st.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

how about a photo update

We rocked the carousel

This was the day before Easter.

Me looking shabby with miss beautiful.

Emma & her GrandPops.

Emma playing in the pool

So that's our update. We have just been enjoying the summer.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

1 st day of 3rd week

Today was my first day of the third week of my couch to 5 k. I never thought I would be able to jog 3 mins straight but I did. woot woot

Monday, June 22, 2009

An update

So I know it has been far too long but life took over as it does sometimes and there was no time to blog.

So here goes...

We made it through another tax season. This was our first with Emma. It went fairly smooth. I was exhausted alot but Emma's smile renewed me every night when I got home.

My Papaw passed away after 46 days in the hospital. He went in for a heart bypass surgery and the took on alot of fluid and things went down from there. It was crazy because he had not had a heart attack. YET. He was going in for the surgery because his heart dr. monitored him and said he needed it. Then about 10 days before he passed my Mamaw got pneumonia and was put in the same ICU as him only two rooms apart. He passed while she was still in ICU. This was one of the worst things I have ever been through. NOW, my mamaw is doing ok. She had a lot of rehab to do after being on the vent for so long. She is getting stronger everyday. And my Papaw's hunting dog is now a house dog and is with her every step.

Emma is doing great. Just yesterday she took her first, second, third and fourth steps. Then she went on strike. LOL. It wont be long I know and we will be chasing her. Her first word was "hey/ hi" she says it when ever she sees someone. At first we thought it was not "on purpose" but it is. We are still working on momma and mommy. Her favorite thing to do is take stuff out of any container. She loves to empty her toy box, char's purse, my breifcase, any thing.

Last week we had to put down one of our dogs. I never thought it would come to that but we had had issues with the dog since we got her and it peaked with her trying to bite Emma because she was crawling in her general direction but Emma was still 3 or 4 feet from her. She has had issues with children and visitors in the past so we knew it was a possibility but we thought she would come to love and protect her like she does us. Then while waiting in the vets office a child and his mother came in the door and she growled at him from all the way across the room. I was very upset about it but I believe we did what was the best for our family and our dog. We gave her a great life and we all had great times with her and she with us which is more than she was set up to have when we adopted the malnourished, mangy, 3 legged dog from the pound 5 yrs ago. She came to be a beautiful loving loyal dog that just had issues. Who wouldn't with only 3 legs. I am at peace with it now.

Well I know this is getting long so I will go now. But I hope to do better with this blog now.